​Our coffee shop can be so many wonderful things...

Whenever you need a quick pit stop in the morning, an afternoon break from the office on a weekday, a place to collect yourself (with a good book or a fully-charged laptop), or somewhere that fills you with good feelings; C'est Bon is the place to be. 

Here you will always find:

Delicious Coffee. 

We hand pick the best locally-roasted beans and grind them to perfection one cup at a time. This allows our baristas to get the complex and flavourful drips that make our coffee so special.

A great place to sit and enjoy life

You'll fall in love with our indoor and outdoor cafe seating options. Whether you need a quiet spot to unwind by yourself, or a nice table to catch up with your friends; we have you covered.

Every now and then, we happen upon a good coffee shop that's nothing more than a takeout bar, but in the big scheme of things, we'll come more often if there's a seat or three.

Tasty treats for a nice snack or a healthy lunch

coffee shop's food selection is highly curated

a nice variety of sweet and savory food options

Coffee shops with actual food (even it it's just a sandwich) are great so you can also grab lunch,

" and I personally appreciate when a coffee shop's food selection is highly curated—so there are only a few things offered and I can count on what I choose in 5 seconds being very good.

"Treats made in-house are very special," Caroline mentions, raising the bar, and Sarah agrees ("Good pastries!!!! Can't survive on coffee alone."). 

Gabi takes it a step further (because we are eaters at the end of the day), making the point that "a nice variety of sweet and savory food options is a major, major plus." Thick slices of the olive oil loaf at Seven Grams, our go-to coffee shop near the Food52 office, come to mind.

Extremely good vibes. 

The best coffee shops are feel-good places, with relaxed decor that's not too cheesy-cozy (like so much exposed wood and brick that it feels a little dirty).

Our resident urban gardener, Caroline, says that some having some plant friends in a coffee shop is "very important, and bonus points for windows that open so you can get the breeze." Ideally, something in the shop will be so inspiring that it's worth Instagramming, whether that's the exterior facade, a display of pastries, or a specialty drink.

As for what's in the air, it should be temperate and inviting; I am always so happy to be enveloped in good, varied music played at a soft volume (a.k.a. no repeating the same side of a record over and over), and Ali makes the good point that "the temperature needs to be one I don't notice."

Baristas "who aren't too cool, but know their stuff" is important to Sam (because she knows her stuff) and, as Riddley puts it, "if you remember my name after repeated visits, you have my heart (and money)."

Furthermore, I love when a coffee shop surprises me, whether that's because they have beer on tap, a really smart design that makes the line faster-moving and more bearable, because their art is good, or because their WiFi password makes me smile.

Modern conveniences. 

At the top of Kristen's list is "free, reliable, no-time-limit WiFi," which we realize might be more taxing on a coffee shop owner than is fair to actually insist upon. Yes, it leads to patrons "camping out," as they sip on the free water and take up seats for others paying guests—but it's so great! Non-negotiable, however, is a source of power: "Plenty of outlets!" Sarah pleas (and Caroline and Gabi echo). 

In the same line of persuasion, it seems a requirement that any place with an endless supply of delicious beverages also features a clean, public bathroom. 


I probably have the strongest feelings about this and I accept that they are not fair, but my dream coffee shop is not in the very coolest part of town, but not outside the outskirts—so that it feels like an attainable adventure to go there. Kristen, on the other hand, simply wishes that all the best coffee shops be "close-ish" to her house. 

At C'est Bon, You're Family

Owned by four generations of our Hilton Head Island Family, our staff provides personal and caring service to our customers. We strive every day to extend the personal touch that will to make your visit an extraordinary and a special one.

Our Signature Creations

We pride ourselves in our creations. Our gelato is locally selected to be the best we can find, and provided also in gluten-free varieties. Our pastries are baked locally and delivered to C’est Bon early each morning. Our coffee beans are roasted nearby and available to you in delicious coffee creations. Our products are also available for retail sale, along with a host of additional hand picked culinary items. We also offer catering for your business or personal needs in our location or yours.

The Menu

Our bakery items are prepared fresh from the kitchen of our local Lowcountry baker. Our coffee products are roasted by a local roasting company and prepared especially for C'est Bon. We offer a variety of gelato in many delicious flavors including dairy & gluten-free options. In addition to our other items, we're offering several locally made salads, carbonated lemonades and speciality teas


Plain Croissant

Filled Croissant
Almond and Chocolate

Ham & Cheese Croissant



Bundt Cake

Pecan & Apple

Vegetable Quiche

Sticky Buns


Espresso, Double Shot
12oz ($2.75) / 16oz

Coffee, Cold or Hot
12oz ($2.50) / 16oz ($3.00)

Latte, Cold or Hot
12oz (3.75) / 16oz ($4.50)

Dark Chocolate Mocha
12oz ($4.25) / 16oz ($5.00)

White Chocolate Mocha
12oz ($4.25) / 16oz ($5.00)

Apple Butter White Mocha

12oz ($) / 16oz ($)

Cappuccino, Cold or Hot
12oz ($3.75) / 16oz ($4.50)

Americano, Cold or Hot
12oz ($2.75) / 16oz

Nitro Brewed Cold Coffee
12oz ($3.75) / 16oz ($4.50)

Espresso poured over gelato
12oz ($7.25)


Honeysuckle Gelato
1 Scoop ($4.50) / 2 Scoops ($6.50)

Revolution Dairy & Gluten Free Gelato
1 Scoop ($4.50) / 2 Scoops ($6.50)

Kids Cone or Cup
1 Scoop ($3.50)

Sugar Cone
1 Scoop ($4.50) / 2 Scoops ($6.50)

Handmade Waffle Cone or Bowl
1 Scoop ($5.00) / 2 Scoops ($7.00)



Pint to Go

Palmetto Pops
Locally made using all fresh ingredients

Fruity Pop

Creamy Pop

King of Pops
All natural pops for pups

1.75oz ($3.00) / 3.5oz ($4.50)

Other Delights

Orzo Salad

Chicken Salad

Tortellini Salad

Crab Salad

Hot Chocolate
12oz / 16oz ($3.00)

Carbonated Lemonade
Raspberry, Peach & Key Lime
12oz ($3.00) / 16oz ($3.50)

Owl's Brew Tea
White Vine, Wicked Green & Pink & Black
12oz ($3.50) / 16oz ($4.75)

Unsweetened Ice Tea
Free Refills
12oz / 16oz ($3.25)

Hot Tea by Bluffton Tea
Black, Chai or Island Blend
12oz ($2.75) / 16oz ($3.55)

Assorted Chips

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