Redefining Custom Residential Architecture Though Award Winning Design

"At Group 3 We Believe Every Home Should Be A Work Of Art
That Bears The Unique Signature Of Its Owner, Not Its Designer."


We do not have a “signature” look, and we are very proud of that

We take great pleasure in designing projects of all sizes. Our Architects are ready to refresh your space or redefine your world.

Great designs begin with sound planning. A successful solution entails efficient use, organization and comprehensive integration of all interior and exterior spaces - including all architectural elements, interior furnishings, site views and amenities, lot orientations and setbacks, home approaches and project style and character.

When you wake up from a dream it's so clear and then it just fades. We find that moment when it's still clear, and understand what it is our clients really want. That means, putting a team together, with an owner that trusts us when we tell them something. 

We help our clients, put that team together: architect, interior designer, builder, key trades people. Owners are the head of the team, but we're the quarterback, we're making things happen,we dig down and get those emotional reasons, they want to do things...

The budget is a big part and everybody means something different. Understanding what they mean by that budget is really important. That budget number, what they ultimately spend on the house is part of the emotional, spiritual life affirming part of building their custom home, so we need to do that.It's about what they want, but they need to buy into that, they need to embrace that! We're looking for clients that embrace what working with us is really all about.