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Anything electrical for your home or commercial project.

If you have a general contractor, we will work closely with them.

Professional Electrical Installation And Repair

Working with electricity isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of task!

Some people try the DIY way… with disastrous consequences.

Small jobs like swapping out light bulbs are safe and easy enough, but anything beyond that MUST be left to a professional electrician.

When you consider all the things that can go wrong, from fire to serious injury, hiring us as your electrical contractor is a wise investment.

Our Top Services


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    Electrical Switches, Outlets & Fixtures - Install or Repair
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    ​Electrical wiring and panel upgrades
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    ​Remodels and new construction
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    EV wiring for electric car charging stations
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    Ceiling Fans
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    Landscape Lighting


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    Inspections, testing & code corrections
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    Remodel and retrofit
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    Lighting maintenance
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    Tenant fit-outs
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    Generator installations
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    Machine hook-ups

What Type of Electrical Project Are You Doing?

An electrical system is a must in any home, old or new, before your home can be considered legally “livable.” A home must have a breaker box sufficient to handle the expected electrical load on the house, and there are regulations covering the number and placement of switches and outlets.

Electrical Panels

Also known as “breaker boxes” or “breaker panels,” they replaced the old fuse boxes, which were a serious fire hazard. Adding rooms to your home might require a new breaker box as the electrical demand on your house will increase.

Purchasing an older home also often calls for an inspection of the breaker box. A home built in the 1970s was not wired with the expectation of computers, recharging stations, USB ports, and other aspects of our modern lives.

Lighting Fixtures & Switches – 

Some fixtures and outlets require a bit more knowledge beyond the simple task of killing power to the switch and replacing it. Installing new outlets, fixtures, or switches involves regulations regarding the placement of these things such as height, proximity of other features such as plumbing, and what kinds of support will be needed.

Large Appliances & Projects – 

For the sake of practicality and time as well as safety, all large appliance installations and projects should be left to professionals. For example, switching from a gas stove to an electric one requires an electrician to wire the house to handle the added load as well as ensuring that the outlets are installed correctly. 

Exterior Lighting – 

Exterior lighting can be anything from porch lights to decorative landscape lighting. Many DIY products are available, such as solar lights to illuminate pathways, but custom lighting or lighting with specific purposes or requirements are often installed by a professional.

Adding Electricity to A Room – 

If you convert your attic or basement into a livable space, you will be adding outlets and switches where there probably were none before. Unlike adding them to a bedroom or living room, new wiring must be run as well as installing the fixtures. 

Common Electrical Repairs

If you have electricity, you’re going to have electrical issues that need attention. While not all are life-threatening, they should all be seen to as soon as possible and, in some cases, immediately. Here are some common electrical repairs that you may encounter in your home:

Blown Circuits – 

This happens when you have too many appliances plugged into one outlet. The wiring along that line can’t take the load and the breaker trips into the off position. The quick-fix is to unplug a few things and reset the breaker switch.

However, if you need more power, you need to contact an electrician who will contact the utility company and will replace your breaker box to handle the increased demand. He will also add any necessary outlets.

Redundant Wiring – 

Some DIYers install their own electrical systems, making changes without removing old wiring. A light fixture that was moved may be wired correctly, but if the old wires weren’t removed they could be a fire hazard hiding within your walls or ceiling.

Removing old wiring involves cutting through the drywall, locating the redundant systems, and physically removing the wire.

If the inspector finds problems, the cost of repairing or removing dangerous wires varies according to how big the problem is.

Warm Or Humming Outlets Or Switches –

This is a very dangerous situation that must be seen to immediately. Some houses are wired with aluminum and must have switches and outlets that are rated for aluminum. If your switch or outlet has an “AL” in a circle on it, it may be used for aluminum. A “CU” in a circle means that is rated for copper wiring. Some will have both and may be used in either situation. Using the wrong switch or outlet can result in a fire or electrocution.

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We are electrical contractors who provide residential and commercial services in a timely manner, with many years of experience.

Our technicians are skilled at troubleshooting electrical issues and maintain the highest safety standards.

We use the highest quality products and the best new technology. We provide a quick response and have pride with a clean quality job.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We have built a strong reputation by providing high quality service promptly and professionally.

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us. We work with drop cloths and leave your home as clean as when we arrived.

We know that convenience is important to our customers so we provide easy online invoicing and payment options.


Highly Skilled

With over 20+ years of experience, our knowledgeable and competent staff have the expertise to complete any residential or commercial project on time, on budget and done right.

We continually train our staff on the latest technologies including smart home technology so that we can bring these benefits to our customers. We are a proud member of the National Home Builders Association.


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