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Landlord And Property Manager Responsibilities For Electrical Work

If you are a Property Manager, we’d be honored to remove the burden from you for maintaining your properties electrically. We are known for our work with professional property management.

We can arrange for larger discounts for regular service and new electrical work that your properties might need. Call us to discuss how we can help.

Property Inspection Service

Tenants also have responsibilities, including reporting electrical issues to the
landlord or the landlord's agent.

But as experienced professionals, we know they don’t always do that.

So, for peace of mind, having us as your electrical maintenance contractor, you will never again worry about electrical maintenance going unnoticed.

Here’s what we can look out for during regular property inspections:

  • Tenants using appliances appropriately and as intended by the manufacturer
  • Tenants using any appliance that is clearly faulty
  • Electrical appliances that may be illegally installed, removed or tampered with
  • Tenant use of multiple or cascaded power boards as a substitute for permanently
installed socket outlets
    Tenants using portable heaters in an unsafe manner

Professional Electrical Installation And Repair

Working with electricity isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of task!

 people try the DIY way… with disastrous consequences.

Small jobs like swapping out light bulbs are safe and easy enough, but
 anything beyond that MUST be left to a professional electrician.

When you consider all the things that can go wrong, from fire to serious injury, hiring us as your electrical contractor is a wise investment

Our Top Services


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    Electrical Switches, Outlets & Fixtures - Install or Repair
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    Electrical Wiring or Panel Upgrade
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    Solar Panels For Electric System - Install or Repair
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    Install, replace, or repair all types of appliances
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    Ceiling Fans
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    Landscape Lighting


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    Inspections, testing & code corrections
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    Remodel and retrofit
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    ​Lighting maintenance
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    Outdoor lighting and controls
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    Generator installations
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    Machine hook-ups

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Always on Time

I am electrical contractor who provides residential and commercial services in a timely manner,  with many years of experience.

We use the highest quality products, we use the best new technology with a quick response time, and we pride on doing a nice clean quality job.


Good Experience

Our service. I think when we go to people's houses, and do good jobs for them. We provide excellent service, we're very polite and professional . 

We listen to what they want and to what they say and then, we just suggest things that could make it better.



With over 15 years of experience in the commercial and residential electrical industry we are confident that we can meet all of your electrical needs.

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